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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a home is no walk in the park

...however, we do our best to make the process as easy and painless for you as possible. In our many years of doing business, we have come across a lot of the same questions that we see throughout the buying process. Hopefully this helps clear things up and makes it all just a little bit easier for you as we work together!

How will you tell me about the newest homes available?

Our website provides up-to-date information for every home on the market. We constantly check the "New on Market" list so we can be on the lookout for our clients. We will get you this information right away using the method that is most convenient for you; by phone and/or email.

Can you help me find new construction homes?

Absolutely! As part of BeachWorks LLC, we have great relationships with many fantastic builders in the Seattle area and have access to pre-sale properties and homes still under construction.

Once my offer is accepted, what should I do?

Celebrate and focus on moving into your new home! You will want to schedule your move, pack items and notify businesses of your address change. We'll provide you with a moving checklist to help you remember all the details. We'll also give you a good faith estimate and HUD statement, which will indicate the amount you will need to bring to closing.

Can we go back through our property again once an offer is made but before we take possession?

In most cases, we can notify the seller and schedule a convenient time to visit the property again. Immediately before the closing, we'll schedule a final walk-through and inspection of your new home.

What is an off market, unlisted, or pre-sale home?

An unlisted home has an owner who is willing to sell but wants to avoid the headaches of showing their home with a public listing. 

There are different kinds of off market homes ranging from fixer uppers to pre-sale new construction properties. Fixer uppers are a great budget option as they allow you to buy cheap and customize your home as you renovate it yourself. 

Conversely, pre-sale new construction units are perfect for those who are looking for a turn-key option. If you're able to get in early enough, you get your choice of unit if it's a town home.

How do off market or unlisted homes work?

Our acquisition team is always working with homeowners, many of whom want to avoid the hassles and headaches of a public listing. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll search the database for the right home for you.

How do I find an off market home?

Contact us - we'll work closely with our partner builder team who's always speaking with current owners looking to sell their properties. Many of these homes are too nice for them, but perfect for you!

Is buying off market complicated?

Not at all! In fact, the process works very similarly to buying a listed home in that you can tour and finance the home the same way. The biggest difference is in how you find these homes. Plus, you won't have to deal with the hassle and headaches that come from multiple offer scenarios.

Have a question that isn't answered?

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